Win number 5 for ‘Lituanica’


Kaunas stretched their Lithuanian Championship record to a clean 5-0 on Saturday, defeating Utena Vetra 9:4 in what was their most contested win of the season.  The game was held close with little offensive production on either side, with the score tied 4-4 entering the 7th inning.  Utena’s ace Dalius Neliupsis was on the mound and for most of the game was able to keep Kaunas’ hitters in check, until Kaunas broke the game open with a 4-run 9th inning extending the lead to 9-4.  Will Gordon started for Kaunas Lituanica with Marius Dargus coming in to pitch in the 7th inning and closing out the game, earning the save. 
Utena and Lituanica went punch for punch most of the game on the offensive end it was Kaunas’ 9th Inning rally that gave them the edge (Kaunas 13 hits, Utena 9).


Saturday’s Leading hitters: Kaunas: M. Dargis (3-5, 2RBI, R), W. Gordon (2-4, RBI, 2R)

                                       Utena: Darius Kviklys (2-4, RBI, SB), D. Putramentas (2-4, RBI)

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